Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

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Reboot Season Two, Episode 04: Disconnected

Episode Synopsis
After rescuing a lone survivor of a planet wide attack, Voyager discovers they have a killer on board, lurking in the shadows.
Released: 18th August 2018

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Last Updated: 19th September 2018

The original "Dimension Jump" (episode 2.07) has had a lot of changes made to it due to its hateful and personal past. The episode itself has the full edit notes, however I must note here too that the majority of the changes revolve around the controversial second half during the boarding scenes. It's long overdue. You'll find the episode in the Episode Archive, not far below the latest reboot release. No use linking it when I plan to replace it in November, and the least attention drawn to it the better, it's still a problematic episode worth skipping. I'd recommend its re-read released on the previous update if you're curious.

Coming Soon updated.

Last Updated: 10th September 2018

Coming Soon updated.

"Games Resistance" and "Dimension Jump" have been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

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Reboot Season Two, Episode 05: Resistance

Episode Synopsis
Voyager rescues a Human survivor from an alleged Borg attack, who immediately takes a shine to Jessie.
Complete - Backup Episode

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If you're shy and/or don't fancy talking to a mad woman named after a Pokémon who's been writing Voyager fanfiction for 18 years (who can blame you!), but would like to let me know in some fashion what you think of the series, you can do so in the Poll Section.

The main feature at the moment is Episode Battle. All episodes have been mixed up and chucked into 16 rounds where you pick your favourite. To make it easier to keep up with these, four rounds (a league) will go up for an undecided period of time (I will post when I decide). It's just a bit of fun, I hope.

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The forums still host the Best Episode of Season Five and Reboot One polls, as well as Reboot Vs Original. So feel free to check those out too.

What is Reboot?

Reboot is the name of the massive project I stupidly decided to properly undertake in 2010, after a failed attempt in 2008. Officially started/released in 2012 with a few rewrites, or remakes if you'd prefer, of the first episode Aggressions and a few others. While Aggression(s) was rewritten from scratch, with the exception of a couple of scenes from the original edited in, there are many episodes that were left mostly intact, with new scenes replacing old ones. Several completely new episodes have been written to replace episodes I've deemed replaceable not only because they're awful, but not important to Fifth Voyager's canon.

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As you've probably seen already, the Reboot project has reached Season Two. Despite a productive first 2/3 months this year which resulted in Season One's completion and the (second) premiere of Two, the season ground to a halt due to my falling very ill. I'm still not well to be perfectly honest, I'm being treated for my illness (I hope) but it's a slow process and I wouldn't be surprised if I got worse before I got better.

For the moment though I've been able to write again, and barring a relapse I should be able to chuck at least 5 more S2 reboots before year end, if my averages are anything to go by. Click/press the link below to find out what is up and coming.

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Latest Additions: 10th September 2018

Marill Re-Reads Games Resistance

This one. Sigh. I'm torn. It introduces a villain, well a faceless one, that sticks around for a very long time. The I believe second half is pretty good (with the exception of yet another OMG THEY'RE TWINS J/J moment). The character development is well done. There's a scene that foreshadows a huge plot twist later on, there's no denying that was already planned in, it'd be too coincidental if it wasn't. On the otherhand though it still has a Pokémon battle, contains a scene that was heavily edited before release (and again later) that caused a huge headache in my life allegedly (more on that in Dimension Jump's review), I remember some shaky dialogue, and the mentioned James copying another Jessie weakness/phobia bit.

To put it as simply as possible; I'm expecting a 50/50 episode, which season favourite Resistance ended up being and was a shock to me. So well, that doesn't bode well for Games Resistance. It may surprise me, in a good way, who knows.

Warning: There are two new Re-Reads today. Both are rated TMI: Marill hissyfits a lot. Prepare for plenty of "hilarious" cringe.

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Marill Re-Reads Season 2 || Season 1

Latest Additions: 18th August 2018

Episode Sizes

The latest Reboot episode "Disconnected" has a word count of 33,253. When Disconnected was originally released it ranked #2, with only both parts of Thrown Key combined beating it. If you count Part 1/2 cliffhangers as separate episodes, then Disconnected was the longest episode at release. It was never planned to be long, it was meant to be a one parter. I stupidly kept it as such, despite Love Spell being shorter. I never fixed that like other episodes because I knew I'd reboot it someday.

Today's that day, so getting back to the new version. I knew this one would be a fun write so I would've expected a two parter anyway on that alone. I like original Disconnected which is why I'm so hard on its copycat last third, so the "should've been a two parter anyway" episode was due a reboot worthy of its potential. Original Best Season Two episode Resistance has a reputation to keep, and IMO it won't be easy now.

This is where "Disconnected" currently ranks;

Overall #15 // Previous Position #84 (+69)
  Previous #15 position was Alternate Scorpion
  Missed out on #14 by 38 words, Tales of Voyager keeps that rank.
Reboot Season Two #1, knocking Interactions down to #2

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"Disconnected" is the sixth entry of 2018. Before I fell ill I had a guess-timate of how the releases this year would go, and it was the controversial to probably only me these days Dimension Jump that would've been "due" a release on its 17th anniversary. I'm now three months/episodes behind, and while that's normally a bad thing (it kinda still is), it means a more deserving episode got the honour instead. Dimension Jump was the last episode that deserved it. It's not a day I want to celebrate one bit, plus it was released 2 days before a certain other event, so I'd rather not. I would've avoided an exact date release anyway for both reasons.

True enough Resistance would've been a better choice, but there's no way I'm getting that out in eight days, ha. Disconnected should be in its league now since it's no longer a copycat episode. So congratulations on being 1 year older than I was when I wrote you Disconnected. "Strangely" I feel old now.

Other episode(s) released on the same date was, as already hinted, the original version of Disconnected in 2001. And yes that was intentional.

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