Steal Guide
Blue - Weapons/Armours
Green - Health Items
Yellow - Battle Items

For me the best thief in the game is Cloud, despite other guides telling me to go for the one with the highest Dexterity stat (Tifa then Red XIII.. etc). For some reason I have better luck with him. Other people do use Tifa, Red, Yuffie.. ironically I thought Yuffie was quite crappy at it. I do think it depends on how often you do it (like he gets better the more he does it) and the level difference between you and the enemy. In my latest save in Train Graveyard Cloud's level 15, I'm usually on 11/12.. I'm finding it a lot easier to steal than I ever have in this area. So again that's probably why Cloud's stole more things than anyone else with me, he's always the highest level.

Anyway I probably don't have all the things listed that you can steal in this section, and/or I have the minor stuff like battle items wrong. My PC modded version is a little different, there's two different items you can steal.. so it's a matter of luck. Rest assured the important stuff like weapons and armours are correct, they're the same as the Playstation version. Anyway lets get started.


Train Graveyard

First things first, Ether's can be stolen from Deenglow. I'd steal a plenty of them, I always do.

Ghost Hand. They're an attack item, they drain the MP out of an opponent.. and you can steal them from Ghost. If like me you never use these types of items unless in an emergency and you're desperate.. then just concentrate of beating these annoying enemy's. Be warned that they disappear everytime they're hit or attempted mugged, so fight them slowly.

Now the harder steal (as in the creature rarely turns up, at least for me) in the area is the Striking Staff, especially in my modded PC version. I keep getting Echo Screen, I shouldn't of installed that mod. Anyway there's a monster called Eligor in the second screen where you move the trains. Steal the Striking Staff from it, and continue on your way. It's a great weapon for Aeris at this point in the game, if you miss it, you can buy it several towns away much later.

Shinra HQ

On the first floor, in the elevator and on the floor where you leave the elevator there are several enemies that you can steal Tranquilizers from. These treat the Fury status, so why not steal a few. The enemies are the Grenade Combatant and Mighty Grunt.

There are enemies called the Sword Dance on several of the levels, there you can steal Hyper's. These will help with the Sadness status. There are enemies around the Chocobo Farm area that inflict this status on you, so it's a good idea to nab a few before you finish here. Saves you a few gil, ey?

Last but not least, that I know of anyway, is the Hammer Blaster. These guys have the Echo Screen item that cures Silence. You always need some of those handy items, don't you?

On the 67th (& 68) floor you get back into random battles. Look out for an enemy called Moth Slasher as they have a very good armour called Carbon Bangle. If you just like using the same three characters (once you're out of the building that is), steal three of them, if you'd like one for every member of the team steal five of them.

On the 68th after fighting one of Hojo's pets, you can get randomly attacked by Soldier: 3rd. Steal from them to get one Hardedge. If you like to earn some cash once you get out of Midgar, keep stealing them.. you can sell all the spares.

Make sure you get these two steals before you get arrested, after rescuing Aeris.. because these guys will be replaced with different enemies after you get out of jail.

Outside of Midgar

The Custom Sweepers, who also provide you with the Matra Magic enemy skill, also hold a very strong weapon (for this point in the game) for Barrett. This is called Atomic Scissors. The only downside is that it's a melee weapon, so you lose the long-range advantage Barrett usually has.

Mythril Mines

The chain swinging Madouges hold another one of those early weapon upgrades for your team. This time it's for Tifa, the Grand Glove.

The Junon Area

Now this is only if you've already recruited Yuffie in the woods. If you prefer to recruit her a lot later or not at all, this will not apply to you unless you like to steal everything and sell stuff later. Here is the weapon upgrade for Yuffie, the Boomerang. Steal from Formula, they're very common in packs of 3 in the woods. Beware though, at a low level even in your 20's.. the enemies in the woods appear in big groups and do lots of damage all at once. Go there at your own risk.

The Shinra Ferry
After you get on this boat and have a little team meeting, you'll start getting into random battles again. The Marines in the area you can steal the armour Shinra Beta. Again like Carbon Bangles, steal as many as you need. Don't hang around stealing for too long cos you do need to fight a boss battle very soon.

Desert Prison
(coming soon - I need to get to that part of the game to know all the names)
You cannot get to this area of the prison right away, you can only do so after you get Barrett back in the team. Once you do, go north back to the where you started in the prison. Then go north again, where you couldn't before thanks to a guard now being unable to block your path. Make sure you don't go off track, follow the fencing (see picture), or you'll get lost in the desert. Anyway in that area you can steal Platinum Bangles from one of the regular enemies here (if you haven't bought them already), it'll also give you an Enemy Skill. They're not the best armours in the game, but they do have two Double Materia growth slots. If you don't have any armours that have four slots by now, or are in a hurry to level up some of the materia's you have already, they could be handy. However they're pointless if you have multiple slot armours, you do the math = 2 slots of double AP, 4 slots of regular AP.. can you see the point? Steal if you're interested in using/selling.

--- more coming soon ---