Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

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Last Updated: 1st July 2018

Reboot Season Two, Episode 02: The Love Spell
Episode Synopsis
Things get more than a little awkward when Voyager stops for repairs and shore leave in a system that becomes the next target for spaceship thieves.
Released: 30th June 2018

Reboot Season Two, Episode 03: Interactions
Episode Synopsis
The yearly medical physicals uncover a secret which sparks tension amongst a few crewmembers. However they must put it aside when the baron planet Voyager heads for, for supplies suddenly becomes habited on-route.
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