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I like cambells meatballs. but i don't like any other meatballs i've ever had. whether at a restaurant or a pre-packed meal type thing. now i'm not a fan of meats in general, but i will eat them (i'm not a fan of veg either for the most part, go figure) even if i tend to leave most of it

Anyway, i really like the pre-cooked mush that is cambells meatballs which leads me to believe there is absolutely no actual meat content in them and it literally is nothing but chemicals and additives lol. Probably made with things left on the floor in they're factory at the end of the day :P. Now there's somthing to picture next time you open any ready meals or tinned foods ^^

Peace out :)
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Ok, I just had a bizarre image of what meatballs could be made of really 0_0

God damn my gutter mind.
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I've never tried those ~ and now I'm thinking yeah, definitely not gonna happen. :bog: :sick:

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Oh no.. the loose women are here again, Run!
Ah! they got me. Go.. go on without me.. quickly!
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Probably best you don't try them too ^^

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