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Voyager on Uncyclopedia - Lulzy ^_^

If you've heard of uncyclopedia, then you'll know what to expect (luckily no rude pics for once). If you don't, then look at it anyway :oops:

Star Trek Voyager:
USS Voyager:

One of the benefits of the Voyager was its invulnerability to any situation. It could run on diesel. It could take hull damage without breaking a sweat. It could tear through Borg cubes like a hot machete through melted butter. Many historians attribute the Voyager mission as a "Some kind of Borg massacrin' shoot-em'-up arcade game."

Voyager's success in the Delta Quadrant gave it the nickname "The God Ship." Voyager grew so powerful that it could create a rock so big that it couldn't even lift it, and then lift it anyway. The ship was later designated to watch over the entire universe on a throne made of solid gold tachyons.

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