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Original VS Reboot #Round 16: Dark Frontier

Hmm let's see

In the old corner we have Seven dying a lot hilariously, the Doctor crying over a Borg arm after hitting a few people with it, and well... at least the episode remained very faithful to the original. I'll give it that! Original Dark Frontier was one of the final episodes written for Season One and IMO shows. Its only flaws really involve the copycat nature of it, which creates Morgan's very Seven like dialogue, some thankfully edited a few years later. It's also very obvious the episode was written after finding out about or seeing the gag inducing Chakotay/Seven 'ship. I do like to look for silver linings in awful things, and well, without it Season Five would be severely lacking in insanity. Cheers :coke:

In the new corner we see the new origins of Harry Phaser Happy Kim, Janeway beating the Borg with coffee, literally, Morgan in character during her stolen Seven scenes, and Borg tantrums :borg: Its a tad (too) long, only beaten by Home Sweet Holodeck and Year of Hell. Seven never dies, not even once, as an unfortunate consequence of having it before Voyager Conspiracy now (boo). I know, buzzkill Marill here, but Morgan has no reason to hurt her yet and I want people to sympathise with her, like her, not paint her as a psychopath who beams people into space when they correct someone smugly. She can think about it though, I know I have :) Besides there's only room for one psychopath in my main crew :)

So what's it to be? Which version is the best?

PS. I've been posting these in original season order, so that's why rounds 14 & 15 are missing. 14 is Voyager Conspiracy and 15 is Fugitives.
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