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Round #1

To help you out, a "quick" synopsis for each episode.

Caretaker (B4FV1.01)
Reboot of the one with the corn in the cob, the not enough time old guy who wanted to have babies with Harry and the ickle story of Voyager being trapped 70 years from home. Also starring Janeway having trouble remembering people's names and being a bit snotty.

Learning Curve (B4FV1.17)
Another FV version of an original VOY episode. Tuvok is forced to train some unruly Marquis crewmembers, only this time they're characters you've seen/read before.

Into the Darkness (B4FV2.12)
Resolutions Part 3, the New Earth natives suffer a power cut, James' life is threatened so he makes a big move. Meanwhile Voyager and Damien meet the Apples (Assuming Popular = Perfection Ligitate Everyone), previously known as the Fox Network in the original.

Silent Scream (B4FV3.06)
Since Marill couldn't edit older episodes over a decade ago, she begrudingly wrote the story of why/how James assaulted Jessie because she in her post-evil state blurted it out randomly since it was a Season THE EDGE Three episode. You know, instead of editing that clearly OOC crap out at the source. Fortunately though Marill had the behaviour/memory chip story already in the works in B4FV2, but still didn't write it being the reason clearly. It was obviously only the 100 beers.

Worse Case Scenario 1 (B4FV3.21)
B'Elanna finds Tuvok's old training program and fun ensues. Mostly. The fallout from Loved Up and another couldn't be edited plot from the main seasons had to take up a little bit of it. Unlike Silent Scream, Worse has some redeeming features like Tuvok's interpretation of the new cast like James, and Janeway too.

Spirits (1.15, reboot version)
Everyone* loves a good possession episode. *except me. Tani passes out while peeping in someone's wardrobe where a dead body has been left. Meanwhile in the reboot version Harry and B'Elanna awake from their Timeless nightmare onboard the mirror Voyager.

Interactions (2.03, either reboot/original version)
Interactions was recently rebooted, so yeah judge from either version. The Love Spell leaves a lot of damage in its wake; Jessie's pregnant and can't remember how. Voyager's also slipped into the future where the Marquis are rebelling again.

Why oh Why (2.17)
James and Jessie's secret is out in the open and obviously Tom is not happy. Who else isn't happy, Marill, who decides to waste half of the episode trying to tell a more autobio story, ruining everything.

Death of the Night (3.04)
Um, all I remember is that it was inspired by Ghost of Maiden's Peak. And that we see another past life of James' who is a murdering dickhead. No wonder he's so messed up.

Around the Nebula (3.20)
Enterprise crashes on a moon thanks to Duncan playing with the model and its saucer falls off, thanks Troi! Phoebe fights off coffee smugglers. Jessie's EDGE story gets tamed down. James has another go at the red/black eye look.

Sibling Rivalry (4.08)
Zare reminisces about her dead brother and in doing so gets jealous that James' younger sibling Lena not only still lives, but also "stole" their rightful Chosen title. Sandi and Kevin meanwhile struggle with being ghosts of the Slayer past, while also reminising about how they ended up there.

Corporal Form (4.23)
On the even of thee Closing, the crew are haunted by an alien that lurks around in people's dreams because it's a little shy and doesn't like screaming kids. I'd say who doesn't, but I really like Amy.

Sin Deep (5.10)
Fifth Voyager takes the piss out of Twilight. James' kids from the future travel back to combat the sparklepires, along with a mystery girl called Roxanne, which thanks to a cancelled side series isn't ever explained mwahahaha. Harry meets his true love, and so does Damien*snigger*

No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again