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Round #2

To help you out, a "quick" synopsis for each episode.

Parallax (B4FV1.02): Nothing happens other than Faye hallucinating and James being promoted due to coffee drunkness

Second Chance (B4FV1.18): James dies yet again only this time a Q decides to help him change an event in his past to apparently avoid it, I suppose inspired by the other Q doing the same to Picard. It doesn't go well.

Is There Something (B4FV2.13): Voyager and the F(V)DA battle the Apple Corporation for the right to exist since no one's ever heard of them.

Blood Oath (B4FV3.07): An ancient "twelve seasons" era episode turns out not bad. Voyager has a murder mystery on its hands where the suspect ends up the next victim. Only one person can save them when the real murderer isn't happy with their pay, and he's too busy feeling guilty.

Alternate Scorpion (B4FV3.22): Marill confuses chronological order readers by having Scorpion "first" based in an AU where Jessie's still pregnant, Janeway isn't, Damien's a crewmember, Janeway becomes Locutus, and Frenit and his vampire peeps are still making themselves at home on Deck 13. Cue the epic vampire versus Borg fight, Seven's getting stuck in a jeffries tube, lots of shippy sap, the Borg going Season One bonkers and the debut of StarBorg's Coffee. And of course chronological readers have to read Scorpion all over again with Aggression afterwards,yay.

Test of Time (1.16): James and Jessie share a few stories from their childhood. Tom embarrasses himself. Harry thinks he's Han Solo. Neelix tries to cook the prisoner's food's bladders.

Disconnected (2.04, reboot/original): Like Interactions, Disconnected's boot is too new to be the only one that counts. James dies again but when he wakes he finds himself the number #1 suspect for a number of murders onboard. Bad timing after his stabbing of his baby mama's killer in the last one.

An Apple A Day (2.18): The Doctor fancies himself as Indiana Jones, while Lena and Marill only think Dr Jones is a song by an arsehole group of a band. Everyone gets the cold. Tom turns absolutely SEASON THREE EDGE insane and tries to kill Jessie with a throat cut after too many drinks. But who cares, Duncan's horribly cute with his demands for Christmas presents.

Only In My Dreams (3.05): Faye is possessed by a murdering creature (I'm sensing a pattern here) but uses James to do the deed when he's sleeping, or something? I don't remember this one okay!!"!$34

Baby Don't Swear & Spread Rumours (3.21): James/Jessie and Tom/B'Elanna's kids say their first words, and with that title it isn't hard to figure out what. Jessie also meets her long lost father at a really bad time.

Lullaby (4.09): Kiara has another one of her funky dreams, this time she's in an AU where Voyager got home after Jessie died so she's still dead, James is still black-eyed, but Yasmin's hanging around. Meanwhile Kes shows up to warn Enterprise that Lena may be erased (again!) and/or killed, and so after some paradox exposition the crew decide it's Damien's fault.

Closing of the Eyes (4.24): s$$$ hits the fan when James goes home to visit his mum on her birthday. Chakotay loses his mind. Lena struggles to cope. Craig becomes the unlikely hero. James' step dad comes back from the dead. Manchester once again plays a game. Oh yeah and FV loses one of its best characters, rip

Lifestyles of the Lost & Helpless (5.11): Neelix tells the kids about all the times he didn't help a few members of the crew after their traumatic adventure two episodes ago. Damien is dazzled, Ylara has a face to face with her new "daughter", James discovers his beloved dead sister's best friend is his wife's half brother, Tom wonders why his daughter hates him so much, Harry frets about his suprisingly more than one episode love interest.
No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again