Post Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:50 pm

Original VS Reboot #Round 22: Season One Finale

This one IMO is a little tricky.

Thrown Key Part 1 wasn't all that bad. I kinda liked the Morgan/J/C storyline, and to be honest my only criticism of it is in Part 2 where it basically falls off the cliff. The Unimatrix Zero story doesn't really do much but it's inoffensive. The origins of the factory were plothole ridden. I could've done without the writer scenes but what else is new? This normally would've been a simple reboot, but Part 2 seriously lets Part 1 down (again, what else is bloody new. Aggressions Part 2 is infamous, or it should be.)

Reboot Thrown Key/Resistance Is Futile was mostly rewritten from scratch to fix Part 2's utter mess (and yes, Thrown Key Part 2 is still pretty hard to reboot despite what I did with Part 1's. I still haven't gotten to the Unimatrix Zero fights and poster bit, but hopefully when I do *phew*) and that does go against its favour.

Personally I like both, ish. Futile was an easy write, it basically follows the original and makes up for its mistakes. Thrown Key 1 seemed like I tried my best for a good majority of it, so I gotta give if its credit. Again I really like Morgan's part in the story, which is why I wasn't impressed it was forgotten about. I had no idea at the time I was writing my future, exactly 1 year from the time of writing.

Not a good series finale, but not the worst either. That honour I believe goes to Fair Chance.
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