Post Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:12 am

Original VS Reboot #Round 8: Mirror Universes

Back to simplicity; its an original versus a slightly longer version of it reboot.

Like Unforgettable, Mirror Universes did what it was supposed to do. It followed through to the end. You can't ignore its sins though. FANFIC DIMENSIONS, Triah being selected for the awaymission but not being there, but the shields are down we can't transport, SERIOUSLY FICTION DIMENSIONS, the *cough* ripoff allies of Seventh Voyager (enough said).

New version unfortunately fourth wall jokes these problems, instead of fixing/deleting them. So reboot Mirror Universes isn't perfect either. Seven keeps her fiction dimension quotes for people to make fun of, Chakotay still whines about the shields only to explain himself, Craig replaces Triah but someone still makes a joke about him not doing anything, the aliens are the only fixed thing.

Both episodes have their good and bad. It's up to you.
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