Post Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:32 am

Original VS Reboot #Round 12: Spirits

A bit premature I know. As I make this topic, Spirits hasn't been online for 24 hours yet. But this site doesn't have a thriving community or anything, as you can tell, so IMO it doesn't matter. I could probably add the rest of the reboot season and I'd doubt anyone would notice.

So anyway, original versus half an edit plus a new storyline on the side.

Extreme Night kicked the Harry and B'Elanna storyline off. It was something I was worried about doing, since it's a huge change, unlike damaging Voyager for 1/3 of the season. Spirits continues it and I hope it makes sense to someone. Timeless did a good job of making it too confusing, I think. I dunno, you tell me.

Its Spirits itself that's up for comparison here though. The original plowed through the possession, opting for exposition about something else entirely more than plot. Tom's fate in this is to be the punchbag, not much changes in the reboot but at least I gave an actual reason for it. Tom versus possessed James is the highlight of the reboot for me, both probably needed to check into a burn ward afterwards. Fortunately for Tom, James can't remember any of it.

Who cares about me tho, you decide!
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