Post Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:10 am

Original VS Reboot #Round 14: Conspiracy

In the west corner we have an old piece of s***, and in the east we have a slightly new (1 and a bit year old) piece of s***. Which one stinks the least? That's up to you.

But "seriously", The Voyager Conspiracy is one of my favourite entries in Season One with its intentionally planned wacky paraody humour, WHICH most of FV wasn't meant to have barring episodes like this. Its flaws were small and easily written around, bringing you Piece of Conspiracy, the first in a while reboot episode with a lot of its original material intact. Scenes that should've been parodied in the first place have been, Morgan and Seven's argument makes sense, we don't have a 15 year old permanently drunk for the whole ep, and who can resist more hyper and/or rude Janeway?

You know what to do ;)
No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again