Post Tue May 30, 2017 11:31 am

Original VS Reboot #Round 17: Upendi

There's a place where a crazy mouse rewrites some decades old trash instead of new,
And sometimes rambles like she's paid by the word, her rants make you run away.
While authors publish their best selling books and fanfiction writers find/replace their names,
This wannabe makes polls with songs that don't rhyme, she's stuck in 2001.

She writes Upendi, where the racism is rife
She's changed the black (literally, that must be clear!!1337) into red aliens, so thats totally okay
She writes Upendi, with a lot less slutshaming
It just was a cat fight, with a 16 year old,
And a Slayer held back by Craig

(Old Upendi, New Upendi)

You better not like the chainsaw kill because it's only implied
The Red Dwarf steal, that's only inspired
It's a long ride to the same ending, but really, what did you expect?

She writes Upendi, with a lot less DISISLIONKING2
Yet it has more influences from it, like Nuvan's (SPOILERS) death and Seven's lol pet names
She writes Upendi, with retconning a new (OMG SERIOUSLY SPOILERS) Morgan kill
Only it wasn't really, the episode's completely changed
But at least the cliff scene is still in it

Beat around the bush all you like, this 1 had little to salvage
From Jessie wanting to kill a kid to Vitera being a black Kes, cos?
But you'll find Upendi has none of those things now
This joke's wearing thin


She writes Upendi, with a villain with some depth
The aliens are no longer racist stereotypes and the story fulfills its point
She writes Upendi, the title now sorta makes sense
It just took 16 years to make it so,
Stop, Muse is next
No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again