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Original VS Reboot #Round 18: Muse In Fear Haven

Here's a tricky one. Three episodes rolled into one.

Warning that anyone who votes for Muse will be immediately assumed to be a spambot or a troll.

Anyway here are your actual choices:
Fair Haven 2: Filler episode which had Tom decide to trick (a little too easily) his favourite pairings into the Holodeck to scream NOW KISS at them. Has some good moments like James knocking Craig out with a pool ball when he butchers a Pokémon song at karaoke (was half tempted myself), and not much else really. Got a bit creepy at the end when Tom spikes James and Jessie's drinks and films the kissy aftermath. And he wonders why Season Two happens, I KNOW RITE

Fear: Janeway chucks a shared screensaver into the main computer, locking everyone out when aliens decide to take over the ship for funsies. Not a bad ep if you ignore the no motive or Voyager having intruders again so soon after Upendi. A bit funky that James/Jessie go from wimpy Team Rocket to shoot to kill in the space of two scenes, but hey? Progress yay

Muse In Fear Haven: The replacement for the above and the other one, that I swear I never parodied before *cough* This time Tom locks up his favourite pairings to scream NOW KISS at them some more, because they keep tampering with his holoprograms. Meanwhile B'Elanna's hanging out with another fanfiction writer, while Voyager is boarded by aliens who are after something. Fortunately the episode remains as silly as its originals, but not as painful as the one that shall not be named on its own.

Like other merged episodes, you can vote for more than one.
No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again