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Original VS Reboot #Round 21: Live Games

Another tricky poll due to merging of multiple episodes.

Up first is VTV Live. Back in the olden days I ran my own polls via email forms, and for a good while VTV Live topped the charts. It seemed genuine enough, a pretty much harmless "bit of fun" which could've spent less time explaining what sketches they were doing and more time doing stuff like Pals. It wasn't bad. I also didn't bat an eye when Season Four's Body Swap overtook it as it had been commented on in the past. Once it counted 18 votes while the majority of the series were stuck on 1's and 0's, it was time to suspect both episodes supposed popularity. Was VTV Live's votes genuine, I'll never know. If you think it is better than its reboot and/or Drinking Game, give it a click. :sign6:

Next up is Voyager's Drinking Game with the return of DRUNK TOM , some VTV-esque explaining the game build up, Friends weddings, Rainbow Pokéball, and er... I can't defend some of this. The James/Jessie scene's pretty cute, I always love a bit of Tom threatening via either of them, and DRUNK TOM :drunk:

Finally Live Games, the combination of the two very similar style episodes. New sketches for VTV Live, the I'll admit pretty twisted twist to the tea-total drinking game to get more people who shouldn't/wouldn't normally take part involved (Morgan/Tani too young, B'Elanna really? Tuvok), and speaking of which move over DRUNK TOM, DRUNK TUVOK ftw. Tragedy! I dunno, I had fun writing this one, so I hope it was at least an okay read.

So cast your vote. You have two, just in case you prefer both originals to the reboot. Or you could like Drinking Game and so Live Games was an added bonus. OR you think VTV Live needs to reclaim its rightful position as top of the charts (believe me, it wouldn't need many to do so. I won't say how many cos I think Closure is miles ahead of VTV Live, but opinions). You can vote for 1, or 0 as all the cool kids are doing nowadays *echo*
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