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Original VS Reboot #Round 26: Disconnected

Now IMO Disconnected's a toughie. It was a fine-ish episode for its time, long with a kinda interesting premise and some sweet character development. BUT somewhat halfway through what was an inspired from story turned into a full blown rip off of the source. When Disconnected became Frighteners everything about Disconnected that was good and original went out the door and was forgotten about;
    The nature of the ghosts and how they killed - why possess when they can do it in ghost form?
    Why/how James was able to see the ghosts - his near death had a lot to do with it until it was only a traumatic experience symptom, and hello, even in 2001 I call baloney on Disconnected's 1/3 deaths as the most traumatic experience in James' life.
    James being framed for the killings until the murderers fancied off-ing Jessie, the least likely to be murdered by James, because Frighteners plot says so.
    Added onto that, Jessie being okay with James "temporarily" killing himself to fight ghosts.
    Oh shoot, the ghost murderer (1) needs to be contained by his urn, but he wasn't cremated, he'll still be in the morgue in one piece with James' lung. So er, what to do, OH plastic containers trap ghosts. whut
There's probably more but my point is as usual overly explained.

I was looking forward to its reboot as I really do like Disconnected and what originally it wanted to do. The plot threads that were forgotten to make room for the rip off had to be restored, that was a given, but I had other ideas to add to it as well. Mainly my gripe about Annika/Seven, that in a supposed "she must die in every episode" gag season like Two, she was not in the running. Yeah sure original One/Two didn't have the same she hates James, accuses him etc motive as the reboot, but the original everyone hated her anyway. It was such a shame to leave her once again unscathed.

I think Disconnected was due a worthy reboot, and IMO it got it. I wasn't worried about that, it's Resistance I'm worried about.
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