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Original VS Reboot #Round 24: The Love Spell

The Love Spell will always be an iffy one in my opinion. Sure, stories about people doing silly things like making out with people they don't like against their will was funny when you were 16. Maybe. But today at 33, no, it's creepy.

UNFORTUNATELY, The Love Spell is important. It has to happen. Spoilers there obviously. There'd be too much work involved to get it removed. I could though make it so the spell itself isn't so samey. What's creative or even funny about everyone *cough* doing the same thing? Nothing that's what. So the biggest change had to be what the spell did. People are different, so the spell would infect them differently.

Then of course there's the Blind Date show which could've been better, and I enjoyed writing the new version. I couldn't keep the original host in good conscience. Nor does the winners or rather even the contestants have any reason to play to Tom's whims, unless they don't know they are. Enter the alien resort.

So yeah, it does seem like I'm biased to the reboot. I am. But I hated the original. It's not rated last in the Re-Reads Season Two for nothing. (Re-Readspoilers, even Dimension Jump beats it. Only two episodes are considered worse, World Domination and Aggressions Part 2. YES THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS. I'M GLAD IT'S SORTA DEAD)

ahem anyway, so ignore me, please vote :oops:
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