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Best Reboot Season One Episode

Its been nearly a month since Reboot One was finally finished. Like Season Five, I'm curious to know if anyone liked it. The max vote limit is 10 like before and if you change your mind, you can change your vote (only if you're a registered user). Guests can vote here and everywhere.

As with Season Five's poll, I'll give you an ickle link to the archive so the synopsis' can help with what titles are what.

Remember, this is a poll for the Reboot version of Season One. So if you really like I dunno Voyager Conspiracy or Holo Q *pfftsnigger* but not so keen on their reboots, careful not to vote for them here.

I will do polls for the other seasons eventually, maybe, but I'm not as curious with them. Why? In the olden days there were individual polls for every episodes, yearly "contents/awards" etc, that gave me an idea what was liked. Nowadays, yeah. The post comeback/reboot era I haven't a clue about, other than apparently somebody liked Closure. Whoever you are :bow: :drunk:

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