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User Involvement 13

What is the poll about?
This episode is one of those ones that the crew mostly forget about at the end, if not they'd know a lot about their future and we can't have that. Anyway Voyager gets trapped in an anomaly, meanwhile in countless other times and dimensions other Voyagers are pulled into it. So we're talking about an episode with hundreds of Voyagers, about a dozen will probably take part in the episode. We already have some ideas, but as usual we want you to choose one or two of the ships.

As per usual you don't know what we've already chosen, so you don't have to think about which will work for the episode, and which wont. That's for us to sort out, so no worries. Just select which Voyager you'd like in the episode and we'll do the rest. Remember some Voyagers are just from years in the future, while a few fun ones are from alternate realities.

Depending on how the voting goes, the ship with the most votes will be used.. but if another ship gets a lot of votes too I will add that one. No more than two though.

Deadline: 1st April 2005

You can choose from
+ Battered Voyager: This one is from the reality where Lena never existed. See Lullaby and Precise Timings for a good idea of what that ship is like. It would probably be from the Season One or Two timeline.
+ Voyager Three: Early Season Three's Voyager. Harmless? No, try to remember what happened in the first few episodes of Season Three? Clue: This one was taken during the New Earth episode.
+ Bloody Voyager: Another Alternate Reality, this Voyager's version of Blood Oath turned out differently, Frenit is in command and most of the crew are dead or are part of his team.
+ Voyager Five: Can't wait until Season Five? Get a preview. Note I'll probably write this, and I'll keep Vulpix under wraps if she helps, it shouldn't actually spoil Season Five for you. Also it has to be based in the first episode or it wont work.

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