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User Involvement 14

What is the poll about?
The B4FV Season Three finale will be the version of Scorpion that happened in Lena's home dimension/reality, and will immediately be followed by the movie that follows the alternate crew through "Season One" and beyond. However Alternate Scorpion continues after the battle is over, and I'm not sure where to end it.

This is your chance to choose which kind of series finale you get, of course I wont go into details.

Hopefully the movie will follow the ep straight away, so choose the style you think has made a finale so effective in the past, not what makes the wait easier ^_^

Deadline: 17th November 2005

You can choose from
Typical Cliffhanger - Example: Scary But True, Outside of Time, Thrown Key..
Mini Cliffhanger - Example: Inside of Two Evil's (all the Chakotay scenes)
The End - Example: Instinct

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