Post Thu May 18, 2006 7:46 pm

Improvements to the Site

Much later in the year I plan to (as usual) change the design to the site, it'll probably go a lot slower as I want to try using a different program to do it. Anyhow I really would like to know what you think of the current one, any previous ones and what you want the new one to be like.

Design wise I'd like to know for example if all the scroll bars on the current one is annoying, is it too cramped or do you not like it when it does all look spaced out and empty? Do you want more colours, more or less pictures? Let me know if you think of anything.

Also tell me if you want something changed about the site itself. Examples below:

+ I would like to see a (blank) section added to the site, mainly cos...
+ (blank) section should be removed as it's pointless
+ (blank) section keeps getting left unupdated, update it more
+ I dont know where everything is
+ There's too much on the homepage, I don't need to see links or some stupid banner exchange
+ Need more desktops
+ What's the point of desktops
+ Newbie guide should have more FAQ like...
+ Get rid of that bit in the news bit, you hardly ever update it on episodes
+ No-one looks in Season Guide
+ That's a really stupid episode guide, hurry up and get it up (haha that's just me saying that to me)
+ Make the Vote 4 An Ep thing easier to vote, for example you could..
+ Add a text feedback form at the end of an episode (oh god, no one say this ever.. I'll probably be spammed with flames, porn links, what have you ^_^)
+ Get polls back using a new system as forums are still broken
+ Add more games to the arcade

Don't say we need more episodes released, believe me I know.. it's a problem with me. Also let me know if you think both Vulpix and I's episode guide should there, or only one should remain. If you say one, I'll keep mine as I've been working at it and I'll eventually add some of Vulpix's stuff to it. The other reason is that Vulpix isn't really doing much work nowadays, she told me so herself - looks like we're both slacking 0_0

And yes you can be negative, I'd rather you did as I want to know what to get rid of and fix past/current mistakes. I'll try not to snap or anything lmao.. I only seem to do that to fred though whenever he suggests something though, right fred ^_^ I see this being left with no replies, but at least I tried ey.. shows I care lmao.
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