Post Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:06 pm

Body Swap Votes

I'm afraid I'm taking Body Swap off the Episode Hall of Fame:
The reason? Somebody thinks it's HILARIOUS to keep voting for it, non stop. It's been only once every now and then, but it was still enough for me to get suspicious. 11 votes for one episode, I think not. I doubt that many people have read it.

I've discounted a few over the years, so 11 isn't the total. As of today if I counted them all it'd be in the 20's mark. Look at the table and see if that actually looks genuine.

So I'm reseting it's votes, and removing the episode from the voting for now. If anyone's voted for it, let me know and I'll put in the proper number.

I've had to delete the contact page until I can fix it, the original version was deleted too, along with other contact forms all because of some s**t head spammers. All I get is garbage, I'd get it if they were links or some crap.. but they're not. I'm tired of it. What's the point in clicking the "Vote for Body Swap" button all the time? The spammers can go and f*** themselves, tho that's probably how they reproduce so killing them's certainly reasonable. :bang:

I know FV's good and dead, but treating the existing episodes and the forms as spam central isn't on. :tense:
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