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Original VS Reboot #Round 25: Interactions

I said in my Re-Read that Interactions was where Season Two, no FV, started to "get gud". Slowly, I'll admit. The golden trilogy of Interactions, Disconnected and Resistance, then it all goes to the dumper again. However these three despite their many flaws made Fifth Voyager what it is now. I dared to go a little further and GASP finish the stories, ironically I say this in Interactions, Disconnected started that trend. Character development's pretty good and the storylines are definitely more serious.

I do like Interactions. It does well for its age and for what it is, the ending unfortunately lets it down. So does the edited out OMG abortion stuff, but that's history. The original's good for its time, it dared to go there (again, ending ruined the hints and angst over why Jessie's so against it. Ohnoes Tom will laugh was not the #1 or only reason). So yeah, I'd understand votes for it.

Reboot Interactions does get into the meat of the story, which I'm happy with. I insisted on spending more time on the time travel side story, or in the original it was the backdrop, a setting, nothing more. I think this bumped it to two parter status. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on you, its reader. Obviously. If you liked Interactions for James and Jessie's story, Reboot Interactions might seem like it's spending too much time away from it. If you're the opposite, then great, reboot version is for you.

God I yammer. Original or Reboot. Should be a bit harder. And it'll probably only get harder... for the next two episodes. No one's going to vote for original Dimension Jump, right???? (some troll's gonna vote for the original Love Spell aren't they)
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