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I really should be writing

Hello to any lurkers.

I thought what better day than to finally post an announcement than this forum's 12th birthday. Gawd I feel old.

A few big things have happened in the last few months. So lets have a peek.

1) Another forum bit the dust after a measly 3 months, so I decided to re-open this old one.

Unfortunately there's been a slight recent change to these types of forums, that's resulted in that stupid error which appears on the top of some pages. I've looked into it and apparently only the host themselves can fix this. I could bother my host, but after the recent 2 days downtime stint I didn't feel right doing so over something so tiny.

The forum works fine. It's more a visual problem than anything. If you're an old visitor rediscovering the forums or a newbie considering joining, don't worry about it.

What's most annoying about this error is that it sets my timezone to UK time by default. Which it is on anyway. Thanks error for cluttering my forum for nothing :roll:

2) The Reboot of Season One's slowly resumed. I'm nearly finished with the episode I'm working on. I'm only struggling because it's a tad long and I'm trying to edit it down as I go. Not the best of plans.

3) So yeah, the site went offline for a few days. Apparently the company involved in doing something with the URLs decided to email me to make sure my email address was still legit, so I can keep my site, but did so by sending it to the wrong person. On an expired email address no matter. So down the site went.

This happened within days or maybe a week of...

4) Fifth Voyager ending. :scared:

Maybe that should've been on the top.

Yep, Season Five's final episode was finished on the 31st January after a gruelling weekend, where during it I was awake for a good 26 hours :coffee2: . Mainly because some certain idiot was dead set against falling into a February date because of the failure to be finished in 2015.

Worth it.

Anyway, I hope if anyone's read that far that you at least tolerated it, and understood it, heh. I'm not the most coherent of people. :oops:

Getting back to point 2, the reboot has taken over the show. I've tried to take it easy after the S5 marathon last year, but now's the time to get back to work.


I think that's caught you up. I hope someone joins me here soon, I talk to myself enough in real life hehe.
No Marill, no one's seen you playing with your dolls again