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It's panic stations here at um, here. This last week's thrown me not one, but two curve balls.

On Thursday my desktop PC at home decided to give me quite the scare by not turning on. A friend determined that the power supply had failed. A very old one from my previous PC is in it at the moment and it seems to be working for the time being. I decided to buy a new USB since that PC has always hated my backup USB harddrive, so I could do a full backup of everything I'd need as I figured I'm on borrowed time and would need a new PC very soon.

I was going to do this at the weekend, but I felt I had to visit my mam on Sat, then had something to do with the house which tired me out. Big mistake cos...

Some brief background info first. I keep my precious 11 year old laptop at work because a) it's heavy to lug around and I hate carrying around something so valuable outside. and B) It's gotten a few cracks over the years, so I needn't dare take it outside now. Because of b it gets left on my work desk, which I never used to do, opened up because the cracks are around the monitor etc. So...

My work's been flooded. The main damage is in reception, kitchens, bathrooms and my office. Ceiling collapsed, more or less on top of the poor thing. When I got to it, it was drenched. I've tried to dry it out manually and now it's left open and upside down to allow the keyboard to hopefully dry. I'm not optimistic. I have an idea on how to recover the data from it, but the biggest issue is; I use the laptop to primarily write on since my job's pretty much 80% sitting around doing nothing (today will be fun!) and even if I get a replacement, I have no office either lol. I shouldn't but I'm typing this on a teammate's pc, which he knows I'm using but still.

The plan of action
An important point; there's nothing exclusive on either PC. Both machines should have my website and all of its files I use to write plots and keep notes. Anything that needs updating and/new are always on my usb, so.... as long as my home pc is behaving, I should be fine.

When I get home I'm going to check my home PC and if that works do the full backup I planned. If it manages that, it's just a matter of using that until I get a new laptop for work and a "new" office, lawl.

If it's a bit iffy or doesn't work at all, then my plan is to buy one of those enclosure's for harddrives. There's one that should fit with my laptop's. It's an old fogey, so luckily the part to do this isn't going to cost that much (I'm lucky it exists at all). It'll cost me the same to travel to said shop. I might get one even if the home pc works anyway, just in case. As I've said, there's nothing exclusive on the laptop, or rather THERE SHOULDN'T BE. I'd like to have a recovery option if I'm wrong.

I'm not too keen on turning on this laptop, even if does appear to be dry after a few days. not only did water pour onto the poor thing's keyboard and screen, water puddled around and under it and its plug. I imagine I risk frying the entire thing, even if I keep it unplug and test with the battery (which appears to be dry), so I'd like to make sure I've got everything secured first. The other issue is, that I think buries the laptop, is it was plugged into an adapter which is permanently on. Last time I saw that, the plug outlet was ripped from the wall. So yeah, probably not gonna end well.

I have to admit, I'm pretty much crushed by these turn of events. Both computers could be on death's door, one is more certain than the other. True I was already making plans to upgrade since both machines are Windows XP, but it was the home PC I was planning because it's the only one hooked up to the net, so yeah not secure at all. The power supply gave me the push to get things backed up but I decided a chore at home I couldn't put off any longer should come first. I'm paying the price for that oversight, so I'm hoping my home PC lasts a few more days to allow me to save everything. If not, well sure the website will be safe but I lose the programs I use to maintain it and all of my work that's WIP:

Too Good To Be Q - is finished and was "secured" by being on both pc's. Will very likely not be on a usb
Tales of Voyager - is secure on my usb as I was writing it on Friday.
etc... well you get the idea. This event has made me think I need to have usb backups a lot more often. But what are the odds that both computers go down? not great
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